Broken Angels









What if those that are on earth to guide and protect us are suddenly the victims of the worst humanity has to offer?

Now Casting
“Broken Angeles”

  • Broadcast short film series for Roku station and other streaming outlets
  • Produced by “Haven Hollow Films”
  • Principal photography to start in September
  • All roles written for the actor to fit into our film treatment
  • $100 per day plus meals, copy, and credit.
  •  2-4 days of shooting per episode some actors will be cast in multiple episodes
  • 9 hours shooting each day
  • We shoot only one day a week
  • Must be physically fit for this film as it has a lot of action in it.


Gender:  Female
Age:  18-29
Race: Any

Michaela is an attractive woman that has been on earth for thousands of years.  Though she has a gentle appearance she is extremely strong and well versed in protecting herself and those around her.

All auditions are held online via the free “Zoom App”.  To audition simply complete the form below and if our director feels you may be right for the role we will send you a link to schedule an audition.

About “Haven Hollow Films”

Our company came into existence about five years ago with the sole purpose to help actors enter the professional acting world.   We take what we do very seriously and insist that anyone we cast do  the same.   We are writing, designing, and producing films intended to successfully reach the majority of any audience who watches the film.  We avoid ideology, religion, politics, etc.  We love the worlds of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.  These genres give us total creative freedom without the ideological restrictions put on most films these days.  We love what we do so please only audition if you truly have the passion to make  wonderful films.