• Anticipated start of principal photography:  End of July, 2020
  • All actors shoot 2 days a week only, 8-9 hours per day
  • Expected length of shoot will be 10-20 days for each actor
  • Compensation is contract protected profit sharing based on-time-on-set
  • Haven Hollow Films pays all production costs but 100% of all profits ever generated will be split between cast and crew
  • Shot in Las Vegas, NV
  • This film is anticipated to receive a PG13 or R rating by the MPAA
  • We are a collective of actors, writers, and filmmakers.  As a collective all actors work both sides of the camera if needed and are trained to do so.

The Story

This is a serial broadcast production
This film is a broadcast spinoff from the feature film “House On Park Corner which well be released in the summer of 2021.

The House On Park Corner is like no other house you can imagine. From the outside it is a non-assuming suburban home. No one knows who, if anyone, lives there. From the inside the home is far more challenging. You see people just show up. They don’t know how or why or where they are. The tenants in the house seem to come from almost anywhere in both time and place. They know who they were, but they just can’t figure out why they are now in this house.

The tenants can see out, but no one on the outside can see them, and the tenants can not get out of the house. They can go into the fenced backyard but when they attempt to leave via an outside gate or inside door which appears to lead outside, they find themselves back in the house or yard. Yelling does no good, and phones don’t work. There is no limit to the relationship issues that could arise in this house and no limit to the trouble or fun. The house is controlled by Simon, an ominous man that has no ethical or moral code that governs his actions.

Characters may also disappear without reason and reappear without knowing they were even gone. The time they were missing is not relevant. It could be hours, days, even years. They can suddenly reappear at the dinner table, in the swimming pool, shower, or anywhere in the house.

Today is a different day. Simon met his match in the house and terrible things happened to him. Thanks to a new tenant Simon escapes but finds himself in another nightmare. This is where “Simon Says” starts.