This is a serial broadcast production

  • Anticipated start of principal photography:  End of July, 2020
  • All actors shoot 2 days a week only, 8-9 hours per day
  • Expected length of shoot will be 10-20 days for each actor
  • Compensation is contract protected profit sharing based on-time-on-set
  • Haven Hollow Films pays all production costs but 100% of all profits ever generated will be split between cast and crew
  • Shot in Las Vegas, NV
  • This film is anticipated to receive a PG13 or R rating by the MPAA
  • We are a collective of actors, writers, and filmmakers.  As a collective all actors work both sides of the camera if needed and are trained to do so.

We start with a treatment and not a script.  We create films for the actors cast not the other way around.  We feel strongly that roles should fit an actor and not place an actor in the position of compromising their skill sets to fit a role.  So when we you submit the form below we will send you an audition piece that the writers and our director feel will best show the skill sets you have. You will then be sent a link to schedule an audition via Zoom  Once the director picks the 8-10 actors who he will offer roles to then the writers go to work creating the final script around the actors skill sets and availability.  There are no limitation on type, race, and or gender, but you must be at least 18 years old and live in the greater Las Vegas, NV area.   So your answers below will help create a role for you that you will be excited to build and perform.

Selected actors will receive their sides to prepare for the auditions within 72 hours.  Others will be kept in our casting database for other films and a link will be sent to all who audition showing the selected actors and eventually the final cast.   So read the story and then submit the requested information below:


The Golem is a creature created with what some would call magic and others would call spiritual intervention. It was created to serve humans and when it’s task was finished to be destroyed. It looked and behaved like a human in all ways but two. It had no soul, and it could not die unless killed in the right way. The rules were simple. It could not be created for any purpose other than short term, and it could not be created to replace a human that had died for fear they would not want to destroy it. It could breed but would give birth to another Golem not a human. With out a soul this creature could in time become as evil as any creature ever known. In the time of the prophets one family violated the rules and created a Golem to replace their son who had died from a terrible plague. They had no intention of destroying it as required and it is said that this started the propagation of evil in the world. It is believed that Hitler, Stalin, Vlad the impaler, Pol Pot, Ivan The Terrible and many others were direct descendants of the Golem that was created but not destroyed. Now is the time of the gathering. When one Golem stands above the rest and brings to man kind a fear and plague of the mind never imagined. The world cowers in their homes seldom daring to enter onto the abandoned streets. While he enters their home via their own thoughts to terrify them.