Haven Hollow Films is looking for individuals that are serious about becoming directors with our company. We will interview experienced as well as those new to the profession. If you are experienced you have to have the ability to train your own crew from our filmmaker candidates. We are not a film school, we are a production company looking for individuals to join our family, create their own production team, and direct films that we will produce. This means you are ready to shoot on day one or you are training on set, online, and in-house to become a director with our company. All filmmakers will share 50% of any profit ever generated by their film. This is a profit sharing production program but no filmmaker is ever charged for anything or expected to pay any production costs. All filmmakers will be expected to work in all areas of filmmaking as directors take turns creating their films and all directors fill each members crew until it is there turn to direct.

  • Never a fee for training
  • Never pay production costs of any kind
  • We provide all the equipment, writers, actors
  • We utilize professional equipment
  • Directors may submit their own script for possible production approved by our board
  • You are fully in charge of your film
  • We only produce G, PG, PG13, or R rated films
  • We do not produce musicals, documentaries, etc.
  • We do not produce films with a religious, ideological, or political point of view
  • We only produce films that
  • We shoot short and feature films no more than 2 days a week and you will build a team that can shoot on your two days
  • Directors may not act in their own films
  • Directors must live in the greater Las Vegas area, have a car, and a PC computer or Mac computer
  • Directors must be able to answer all email, text, or phone calls the same day
  • You must be at least 18 years old and can legally work in the United States

If you are interested you can schedule an online interview below: