Now you can test and grow your screenwriting skills with actors from our program. Your scripts will be available to 16 directors for possible professional production funded by Haven Hollow Films. We do not produce scripts not written for our actors and we do not buy scripts.  We are looking to add writers to our family so they can share in any profits but never have an costs.

Scenes and monologue – For class performances

Writers can write monologues and 2 person scenes for our actors.  Simply watch their prior class video performance, select the actors you want to write for and upload them on our support site.  They will be assigned to the actor(s) and in a week or two you can see either the recorded performance or even login to the class itself and your script performed live.

Coach To Camera – Short Films

  • You select from our new actors and write a 4-8 page short film for two actors.  Our filmmaker program will shoot the film and the final product is placed on our support site for everyone’s review.  This is a training program only and not intended for distribution.  Cast and directors will critique  your scripts to help you improve your skill sets.

221 Productions – Short Films

  • 221 short films are professional productions intended to go behind a pay gate on our own Roku Station and other streaming media outlets.  They will also be sent to the best short film festivals and submitted for IMDB listing.  Actors are paid $100 per day, copy, credit, and meals.
  • One of our directors will request a script from you for actors he/she has selected.  You then would review the actors videos online to get an idea what they are capable of and then you will write a 10-16 page short film for two actors.
  • All crew and writers share in 100% of any profit ever generated from the marketing of the film.

Haven Hollow Films – Feature Films

  • You may submit any full length feature film script to our directors for possible fully funded production.
  • 80-120 pages
  • Content based and budget friendly
  • Must use available locations
  • Cast, Crew, and actors split 100% of all profits ever generated.  These productions are contract protected.